delivery in private or government hospital

Currently, I'm on my week 11. Just went for KKH for a check,now my hubby and I are thinking whether to deliver at private or government hospital. We could like to know the approximate cost and which Dr is the better?

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It has to be depend on your budget. Private different gynae charge differently. Some gynae have package for review some do not have. Hospital is different package chargers too. I think first you have to decide on your budget. Which type are you? Are you those who want experienced gynae that follow you thru out or you're OK to be seen by different gynae. For what I know kkh unless you're under private if not you will be seen by diff doc each visit. Cannot choose the gynae you want. For private is this doctor gonna stick with you so I feel he or she maybe know the best.

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Am opting for KK subsidised route ie not choosing a specific gynae and delivery will be by midwives + attending doctor on duty for complication. Most likely will go with Ward B2+. Cost-wise definitely cheaper than private. Think the people who mention that the cost for KK and private are almost the same are comparing KK private patients (ie not under subsidised route) with private hospital.

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Are u under subsidy in KKH now? If cost is the deciding factor then stick with it. Otherwise, KKH private rates and external private gynae rates are similar.

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Delivered in PEH. 6.7k in total for 2 bedded. Antenatal package 1.2k inclusive of consultation, baby scan, calcium and multivitamins only.

I deliver at KKH, due to budget and i was born there.

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how much is your total delivery fee and ward fee in cash??? I'm considering going kk private

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depends on your budget.