5 Weeks Pregnant, Looking For Gynae 1st Check Up

I'm 5 weeks Of Pregnant. Any recommended gynae in KKH? We cannot decide go for government subsidy or go for government private gynae or private hospital gynae? Any recommendations?

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Gleneagles Dr tham kok fun. He's a super caring doctor take care of you like you're his daughter. Very experienced person, he even scold the nurse when he see me in pain. I think you need decide base on your finance. I did a research call up a few doctors before deciding on him. Mostly hospital cost is same just how much the doctor charge. Me and my gf 1 month apart hers at Thomson discharge 1 day before me we paid the same amount.

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I would suggest to clear all the necessary scans up to 20 weeks under govt subsidies first then switch out to private gynae. Am in the same dilemma as you and that is what a senior staff nurse from KKH has recommended. She recommends Dr Suzanna too and Dr Jessie is her covering buddy. Both are great female docs from KKH.

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It really depends on your family's financial situation. We have chosen private gynae at KKH. I am with Dr Han and am happy with him so far. Never went to another gynae so can't compare him to anyone else. My first appointment with him was arranged within 1 week.

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I’m actually having my follow-ups with NUH which IMO, has lesser waiting time regardless private or subsidised. I was with my friend who was 8 weeks preggo at KKH, she has an appt to see the gynae at 9am and only finished her appt at 5pm.

Dr manisha is good. Dr suzanna will take u a Long time to get ur first check, that’s like 4th-6th month. I doubt u want to go through where u keep wondering if ur baby is alright

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Apparently she’s the only hijabi gynae, and many popular Malay ladies go to her

Depend on where u stay and ur financial. If KKH private do note that they do not have package but private practice hospital they have package after 16 weeks

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I went for kkh subsidised option to save money, quite substantial considering it is almost half the cost especially for scans and diagnostic tests

Stick to government subsidies all the way till you’re about 20+ weeks then decide again if you want to switch to private.

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Gave birth last month, with Dr Julian Kang at KKH. He’s really fatherly, and made labour really enjoyable.

If u want to save money then opt for govt subsidy! The waiting time and service was good for me