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Choosing the right Gynae I would like to know how much does it cost for a private Gynae? Should we choose private at KKH or Private Gynae? My husband and I are new to this and we would like to be able to consult the same doctor throughout our pregnancy but was told it could cost us up to 20k. Has anyone seen Dr Suzanna from KKH? Please share with me you experiences and would appreciate if you could give us a breakdown of it :)

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Dr Suzanna is full up to Sept 2020 last I checked. And she doesn’t take in patients once they hit 32 weeks in pregnancy. I have tried to switched to her but too late. Should have asked for her when I first came for my first appt at KKH so that I can go the subsidised route for appts all the way until her earliest appt. But I guess too late for me now as my due date is 19 Oct and she doesn’t have any slot in July to mid-Aug. Called KKH and they advised me to call in everyday in case anyone cancels their appt but very unlikely they will. But I still have to try. I’m not sure how much she costs but there aren’t many female Muslim gynaes in SG so I’m assuming she’s quite expensive I guess. My female cousins and SIL pregnancies were all under her but I have not asked them about her price cause they don’t know I’m pregnant yet haha. I heard if you choose private gynae in KKH is the same cost as private gynae at a private hospital. But honestly speaking, any complications at private Hospitals, they will still refer back to KKH so I’m also kind of in a mixed right now. Also, depends on your Budget. Maybe you can ask around first and discuss it out with your husband before deciding. Because subsidised route is way way cheaper than private but downside is you may get random Doctors even up till your delivery date. My friend is taking Dr Aziz at Parkway and her package is about $3.4k for normal delivery. There are subsidies as well for private. You may want to take a look at this link, see if it helps. This is based on 2018 rates.

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For private gynae, different gynae charges differently. Some offer package at 2nd term onwards some don't. Some gynae charge 120 per visit some up to 180 just for consultation and scanning. Some gynae charge 3k for natural birth some even can go up to 4.5k. You got to list down the gynae you want and call up one by one and check the price to see if you're OK with it.

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i’m with dr suzanna currently and she charges about $135 for first consultation & $100 for subsequent consultations. perhaps you could go through the public route at KKH and go private after (say after all the important screenings & blood tests are done) that’s what i did to save a bit of $. but yea dr suzanna is very popular & her slots are taken up very fast.

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I Went with the subsidized scheme under kkh as a low risk mom and only spent about half an 2k for prenatal charges (scans /tests, gynae consultation and supplements). Switched to private on due date to class A ward and spent another 5k+ for mummy charges and 1k+ for baby. Was assigned a gynae after switching to private - Dr lily koh.

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Pls share your experience with Dr Kho!

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tried to book dr suzanna for my first pregnancy but was fully taken up for my edd. settled with dr sim wen shan, very nice n patient doctor. wished i could afford her for my second pregnancy but due to covid, i took public route

we are with private...20k sounds way too ex?