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Christian name for baby boy
We had 2 name for our little one but cant decide, Owen or Maximilian. Kindly help us to choose, which name you prefer for your little one. Thanks
I will say trying calling bth the name & see which name he responses better lolzzzzz (owen & the other unique name is nice) depends on which response ur LO loves..
Owen or simply Max
wuhan virus, should wear mask?
Should start wearing mask to protect or just be more careful?
Wear ur mask, just the surgical mask will do
Yess. can wear mask and sanitise hands regularly.
Easy, just wear if you're cautious
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Yes wear mask
Wipe utensils before using too
should I go normal GP or hospital to check?
today i had been vomiting and diarrhoea for 3 times each. i also feel stomach very pain, should I go normal GP or hospital to check?
Hey, Better to check with the GP first. They can suggest if going hospital is needed
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Better to go To the hospital, take care!!
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GP first, then he might ask you go to hospital if necessary.
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GP first
delivery in private or government hospital
Currently, I'm on my week 11. Just went for KKH for a check,now my hubby and I are thinking whether to deliver at private or government hospital. We could like to know the approximate cost and which D
I deliver at KKH, due to budget and i was born there.
Can I still put on perfume or when should I stop to put perfume?
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I don't use perfume since giving birth. But I think mild scent should be ok. You can try if baby has no allergy with it.
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I think if you’re not spraying anywhere near your tummy, a little perfume’s fine:)
stomach pain
this few days, my stomach feel a bit of painful. should i go to see dr? I'm on my first trimester and I will be seeing my dr on this Friday.
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I have period cramp-like when I was pregnant. My doctor said it's my growing uterus.