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Hi, would anyone be able to share your experience or give advice if i should take private or government hospital for check-ups till delivery? Is kkh's private rate higher or cheaper than other private hospitals? Is kkh's service good? How will i know if the gynae is good and experienced?

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I found out I was pregnant from a clinic n was referred to kkh. Thus i was charged as private rate. Didn’t really like the gynae from kkh so I changed to Mount E Novena since I’m also paying at private rates. I think it’s better as I don’t have to wait in the queue for sooo long for private hospital (There was once I spent 5hrs queuing at kkh). N also, they have better n stronger medications that gov hospital doesn’t have. Lastly, the service and attitude is better.

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If u wna take kkh private you might as well go for other private hosp. Its abt the same price. As fr me i only went to kkh subsidised for 3 mths. I switched to parkway east hosp after. Its much more convenient and systematic compared to the crowded kkh.

4y ago

Mine is dr heng tung lan. Female gynae