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Hi!! Curious to know if any pregnant ladies took the booster jab & at which stage/weeks of pregnancies if taken? What are your side effects? Still wondering if its a good idea to take it in two weeks time while still on first trimester or can wait until give birth.. TIA!! ❤ 😊

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I took my booster jab last december and I was in middle of 2nd trimester. So far, I do not have any issue or side effect and no issue with my baby. I ask my gynae and it is recommended to take. As you can see, SG has a new virus variant of Omicron. So better be safe to take it. If you still having doubts, you can ask your gynae for an advice.

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Hi my gynae recommended taking the booster shot in 2nd trimester so I booked for it when I turn 13 weeks. I’ve read that some mummies take it in 1st trimester. So far there hasn’t been any news that covid vaccinations can cause pregnancy complications but to have a peace of mind, do ask your gynae and take it within govt’s given timeframe.

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I took my booster shot last month. I was about 20 weeks. the nurse at the jab clinic told me that the pfizer booster jab has the same dosage as the first 2, so whatever side effects I had during the first 2 jabs, I'll have that for the booster jab too. so I only got a swollen arm. but of course it depends on different people.

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I am not sure if u can wait until u give birth due to the Govt regulations. U may lose ur vaccination status if the booster is not done within a certain timeframe. Pls check that and then ask ur Gynae. I am now in 2nd trim. Gynae said no issues to do in 1st trim but I didn’t feel comfortable so took the booster at week 17.

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hi! I took mine at 15 weeks, after the FTS. I checked with the doc she asked what was I waiting for? haha. as long as completed first trimester, pls take. she says the risk of serious illness from COVID (and risking the baby's life), far outweighs any side effects. I had arm ache for about 3 days but that was about it 😄

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Hi I took my booster last Dec , when my baby is around 6 week old. There was no issue with my supply and no issue with baby. My gynae strongly recommends me to take it. I also took both shot of moderna during my second and third trimester. No issue with my pregnancy. The cases are high these days, so take care.

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My gynae said it’s okay to take booster jab, she also reccomend me to take my booster jab during my first trimester . So i took my booster jab when i turn 12 weeks. No side effects on me since dose 1 until booster. For booster jab no fever no muscle pain. The next day i still go to work like normal.

I am a nurse and I just had mine a few days ago and I’m at 19 weeks! I chose to take Pfizer instead of Moderna because most of my friends and colleagues fell sick after taking the latter. My arm was aching on the next day but otherwise I feel fine 😊

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i'm in my 3rd trimester which is 32 weeks, just today taken my booster jab, hopefully all went well🤗👍

Actually took my 2nd jab at 6 weeks pregnant w/o knowing about my pregnancy. Checked with NUH Clinic G doctor/nurse if I could get my booster shot now at 26 weeks pregnant and was given a OK not a problem at all! Getting my jab in a few days actually, so nervous!

I'm 5w3d today. My gynae said its okay to take even in first trimester. I'll be taking mine next week. I've heard mommies taking in early weeks also and they just has minor reactions like fever that goes off the next day, sore arms.