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Anyone here took the booster shots already. Im invited for the booster shot because im an essential worker. But currently im almost gg 20 weeks pregnant. Im not sure if it’s safe or not. Im considering of taking it, buy im afraid if there’s a side effect.

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I took the booster when I was 24wks plus the same day I did my OGTT test. despite getting poke by needles so many times in the same day, I am so glad I listened to my gyane to take the booster on the same day that I went the checkup/OGTT test in Jan. as I just tested covid positive yesterday. but as I have taken my booster, I do not have the severe symptoms of breathing difficulties etc thus I was allowed to isolate from home.

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Ya should consult gynae first. I consulted my gynae, and went for my booster jab on Week 24. Whole body was aching, and very restless, I have bad headache too. Doctor prescribe me paracetamol, and told me it’s safe to consume. But I decided not to. I recovered from the side effect after 1 day. Most importantly drink plenty of water after the vaccine. Stay healthy mommy! :)

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Took mine yesterday. Only sore arm and feel achy/lethargic today. Had a headache too but it resolved with paracetamol. Currently at 21w2d. Gynae strongly recommended to get and had to make sure I get it at least 2 weeks before my whooping cough vaccine at my next appointment in April.

Hi! I just took mine last week and i was 27 weeks pregnant. Mine was moderna. So far ok only had chills at night for 1night. Slight fever in the morning 37.7 just fr few hr and then i was fine on the 2nd day. Drink lots of water and rest.

I asked 2 gynaes and both recommended me to take the booster shot. i took it just last week while 21weeks pregnant. no side affect, just a sore arm which lasted only for a day. it is safe, my baby and i is all good.. :)

I am also in my 20 wks and supposed to take my booster shot . My gynae asked me to hold on and I am going to do a blood test in wk 24 to check my covid antibody before deciding to take booster or not .

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hi, ur gynae is it under private or govt? r we able to request for blood test to check covid antibody? 😊

I was cautious too but took mine at 21 weeks. Only had mild headache and nausea. No paracetamol was taken. Felt chilly but no fever or aching. Sore arms, just frequently applied cold pack.


My gynae recommended me to take it, and I took it when I was about 15weeks. I’m 20 weeks now. It’s safe to take booster as long as you’re past first trimester.

I took mine at week 37 and all three shots moderna. booster shot had very little side effects on me. I took one Panadol per day on day 1 & 2 and life as normal. 😊

Gynae gave the go ahead so I went during week 15. Experienced similar body ache and fatigue as the 2nd dose which went away after a day. Nothing out of the norm