Has anyone taken the Covid-19 vaccine while pregnant? What were your side effects?

I’m scheduled to take mine in July and Sept, will be in my early 2nd trimester by then. Just wondering if anyone has taken the vaccine while pregnant and did you experience any side effects?

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I took mine at 13w6 days that was 2 days after i see my Doctor and he gave a go signal. First dose was fine.. Only a bit of numbness on the vacvinated area and after 2 days its all good. Like nothing happened. Getting my second dose today, lets see whats the effect later haha

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I had my 20week scan already and the baby is fine.. We even saw her yawning haha so cute! Felt the mild kicking at the end of 17w. The baby is doing well 👶🏻🥰

Took mine too during my 2nd tri. 1st dose was okay, only sore arms and runny nose. 2nd dose was slight fever and achy body for 1 day, and just general sense of fatigue. But I’m 26 weeks now and baby is active and healthy.

Had first vaccine at 31weeks and second vaccine at 35weeks.No side effects other than sore arms that’s quite normal:)

Apart from a sore arm which lasted 2 days and feeling tired on the day of injection, nothing else 😊

I took Pfizer both dose in early second trimester. I had sore arms as a side effect that’s about it

I just took at week 27, no side effects except sore arm and maybe slight headache and lethargy!

Hii may i knowww if did u see ur gynae first before u taking ur vaccine?

I take first is okkk second the numbness like having cramp. hand