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Hi mummies! Just wondering, have you guys taken the booster jab? Im currently at 24 weeks and im not sure when will be the right time to take. Feeling anxious as this is my first baby. Thank you mummies!

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I took my booster before 26 weeks, my gynae asked me to take as soon as possible to my own protection and also for the baby. And surprising I felt better than my first and second jab… no fever no pain at all. Glad to have my gynae always there to support me and gave me “power” to go through any process. I suggest you all can consider to take booster jab within 7 days before your next appointment or scanning so that you can check if baby is doing good after your booster jab if you have any concerns .

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2y ago

same, the doctor told me the same thing and I am planning to take this sat (at week 18), with my next appointment in 2 weeks..

I have taken my booster jab was during my 16 week.. everything goes well.. the only things is i having slightly fever.. diarrhoea and rashes.. but after awhile everything gone back to normal.. but I suggest u, asked ur doctor first before u proceed to take your booster.

i took it when i was 6 weeks and the side effects were only sore arm. i also got covid after 5 days as i was a close contact in the family and recovered after 2 weeks. everything went well after that and now im 19 weeks :)

I just took it at week 36. Only side effect was sore arm. I did experience diarrhoea and mucus plug dropping but I don’t think it’s related to the booster as I’m hitting week 37 alr but still haven’t given birth.

My gynae also suggested taking asap for protection of baby. I took at wk 13, had sore arms coupled with fever that went on and off and was nauseous. Recovered from the side effects within 5 days.

I took it when I was 6 weeks too:) My gynae said to take a 4th shot if available too haha "Try to get as much antibodies as you can to the baby before birth." that's what my gynae told me :)

I took it when I'm week 25. Also my first bb. I've checked with 2 separate doctors and they advised better to get boosted too as long as stable in 2nd tri.

I took at 19th week . Doc say okie to go Only low grade fever and sore arms

Am 12+ weeks now and my gynae said I can take booster after 15-16 week.

Thank you mummies for your replies🥰