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Drop in milk supply

#help I have been breastfeeding my bb for a month now but noticed that there is a drop in my milk supply. Are there any supplements or food that can aid in increasing my supply? p/s Nipple cream recommendation for Eczema prone skin type?

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Sharp back & rib pain + false contraction (?) Help..

#pregnancy Week 31 today. Started having sharp rib & back pain last night, so bad my sleep was affected. On top of the sharp unbearable pain that comes in waves, also experience tummy cramps that lasts about 15 mins each time. — Am I experiencing false contractions? Isn't it a little too early? #firstbaby

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Drooling uncontrollably

FTM here #firstbaby Wondering if it's just me, am I weird or is it normal to be drooling so much uncontrollably 😅

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