Hi! Any one could recommend a good gynae for ivf procedures? Ur replies will be a great help. Thank you?

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Do u need subsidies or not? Govt hospital or pte clinic? I went SGH pte class bcos i can get appt faster. Subsidy class get appt much slower n only sub when 1st few visit like consult n screening. Once ivf trt start no subsidy rate. All flat rate. SGH will update embroys status frm d1 to d3. I am under Dr Yu Suling hand. She did egg collection for me but on egg trf day she wasnt ard n Dr Hema was super nice dr too. Assure me tt embroy is resting in me perfectly.

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We went to KKH for subsidies. Tried twice with 2 different doctors in a span of 4 years and felt comfortable with Dr Jessie Phoon. But problem with subsidies is you can't choose your doctor. We were lucky to be assigned with Dr Jessie Phoon. 😊 Good luck in your IVF journey!

Check about Irene Chua online - she is a good gynae in general not sure about ivf though

Depends if u need subsidy from government. If yes, maybe SGH is good

Dr. Sahjana from KKH IVF centre

Nuh ivf Drs are good.

I would recommend PC Wong from NUH. It might be luck or god knows what happened, but we tested positive first cycle. Still monitoring, hopefully everything will go well. I written our journey in a blog. If you are interested: husbanddiary.com

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I recommend Dr. Kelly Loi, Health & Fertility Centre for Women. She is my ob-gynae though I did not undergo ivf procedure.