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Hi, I am currently undergoing IVF treatment and I am wondering if its advisable to change my gynae and hospital if IVF is successful? Any recommendations for gynae who are also specialised in Ivf? Any factors I should consider before the changing gynae? Thank you so much. 🙏#advicepls #ivf

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I also switched gynae after my IVF is successful. But I switch after the detailed scan is completed, reasons for delay for my case is I had previous miscarriages before. Do take note that some gynaes have a cut-off period to accept patients, so its better to check with the clinic after you have shortlisted them.

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Can consult Charles Lim MP at Mount E. He is professional, patience, start consultation early.

I think you can change gynae after you graduate to 2nd trimester to be safe

important is the feel btw Dr n u

Dr Nair at Mt E. He’s a gem.


Dr Ann Tan Mount E