Will u consider adopting babies? Why or why not?

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Never thought abt it before but most prob no. As I'm not confident that I can give the child the love n support he needs when I'm not the one who gave birth to him. (Mentally not ready)

Never thought of adopting but I did discuss with my husband that I will like to be foster parents when my kids are slight bigger like 7 years old.

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My parents are in the fostering scheme, and my husband and I have agreed that we would rather adopt if the need arises.

Never thought of that before. Even though i don't have a baby girl, i treat my friend's daughter like one of my daughter

Not me. I can't even think or imagine wanting another child at all! lol

I did consider if I wanted a second its better to adopt than being preggy but I think our culture is more inclined to have own kids compared to western countries?

yes if really had try to conceived but fail

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I will, if I can afford the time and money. I was adopted by my foster parents when I was just baby. if I were to adopt, I will want to give everything I can to love and educate and let him/her have the best life that I can offer, just like how my parents did for me.

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Yes I did, if I really couldn't find anyone anymore - but I'm not exactly sure about the guidelines and criteria in Singapore :(