I am finally getting a House and away from my Nmum. #raisedbynarcissists

Coming to the end of last year, I realized and broke down when i came to terms with my mum being a narcissistic parent. My sister has since cut contact with her. I hope in future I can do that as well. Everyone thought my mother was any typical Asian mum including my hubby. So no one wondered why me and my sister would get depression just that we were being entitled. Why it was so simple for my mum to influence us in decision making. Why our views on men were... Distorted. After a while with social media, we knew our mother way of thinking was different and with my fiancé (now hubby) living with us, did he see what we meant. The toxic environment, you do not have a right to a different opinion, decision making is only by this one individual and if you choose something else will throw tantrum and give silent treatments. All this came to head when my daughter was born, my mum tries to overshadow my decisions for my daughter and even threw a hissy fit when I wanted to place my daughter in infantcare. Now she tries to cause fights to no avail as me and my hubby just agree or say okay but will do something else. Finally we got a house and will start renovations, once done, we will move out of this hell hole and be away from her. Hopefully at some point, cut contact. Yes this sounds harsh and yes people have said I should owe my parents since they gave you a good life. Well.... If you count being manipulative, gas lighting, delusional, scapegoating us, saying you should hang out with fat people for being too fat or should not hang out with Muslim people because they terrorist and deserve to all die and calling your Punjabi hubby a low class citizen and Indian derogatory terms to you good parenting... Then please explain how is that good parenting... Semi good news and raging my thoughts

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