My child has a friend at naging close ko na rin. They're age 11 and as time goes by, I am attach already to this child. Now, is it ok na kahit lumipat na kami ng bahay is, I do still visit their house to give some food to this child? Isn't it offensive? This child grows in a broken home where her mom has no means of living. They simply rely on her another lover giving her little amount of money for food. I have no bad intentions & my heart knows that. I am just bothered if this scenario wont offend the mother of the child.

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Im glad you have a kind heart, i think you should have limitations sa mga bagay na binibigay mo . Dont get me wrong dapat you should also look at the reactions of the biological mom . Or you talk to the mom and ash her permission if is it okay na mag bibigay ka ng tulong for the child with that don mo babasihan ang decision mo of pursuing your generosity to the child . But nevertheless if you believe that you can help to the child life itself then go on with your good deed.

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Thank you!

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I think it is just okay. And that is very kind of you. It is normal for you to feel that way, maybe we can that it's a form of motherly love towards a child--whether or not the child is your own. The intent is very clear and not offensive because you just basically want to help the child. Just give heads up to the mother.

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