Need Angbao?

Just check if your friend pass you her baby stuffs, normally would guys give angbao as a token of appreciation?

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Nope. It’s a nice gesture. but usually a meal or something thoughtful is good enough:)

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Nope. But if u see something suitable for her kiddo u can get and give her


I would just take her out for a meal or buy cake or cupcakes to thank her

Don't have to, I will probably give her a small treat that's all :)

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Get her something nice in return, not necessary to give ang pow(:

Hm.. no, usually will get/buy them something in return

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Just give her nice home made food as a thankq ..

Nope I didn't do that. Just treat her for a meal

I would bake her something lovely to thank her.

I would bring her out for a meal to thank her