Ask the Expert: building a healthy attachment

Attachment refers to an emotional bond between a child and his or her parent, with its purpose being to make a child safe, secure and protected. To answer your questions on attachment and why it is a foundation for your child's development, we have Yasmeen Kassim - child psychologist, who will be our Expert for this session 👩🏼‍⚕️ So leave your questions in the comment section below before the session on 28 September (Monday)! 🤩

Ask the Expert: building a healthy attachment
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What are some ways to build attachment with children from young?

2mo ago

respond to your baby’s needs in warm, sensitive and consistent ways. As a baby, their needs are to protect them from physical, mental and emotional harm and that they can count on you, comfort them when they are distressed. As they grow older, their needs become more complex. But what is important is to continue to be aware of and meet their needs.