Calling all breastfeeding moms! We are seeking your help to please share your spare breastmilk to premature and malnourished newborns! We, the Breastmilk Advocates of the Philippines, is a group of volunteer moms, riders, private individuals and institutions dedicated in supporting breastmilk needs of premature babies in the Philippines. We have bridged the gap of the lack of supply and means of transporting donated breastmilk fast and efficient by bringing together self-sacrificing volunteers from various walks of life. As well as supporting breastfeeding moms, we offer training for mothers who wanted to expand their knowledge. Many of our breastfeeding counselors are moms who’ve benefited from BMAPh support and now want to share their knowledge and experience. We’d love you to join us. Become a member of BMAPh and help us continue our work. Kindly send comment down your facebook name if you want to be a part of our growing team in helping the babies! ?

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