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It is NORMAL for your baby to wake during the night to nurse. It is only a societal expectation that your baby “should be sleeping through the night.” ? . Not only is night feeding normal but it is also important to development and breastfeeding, here’s why: . ?? Moms make the most milk at night, so removing milk during this time is critical to milk supply. If milk stays stagnant in the breast it starts to trigger your milk production to slow down. ??Nighttime feed can deliver a lot of calories especially in older babies who are distracted eaters during the day. ??Beyond meeting the caloric needs of your baby feeding at night is meeting the emotional needs of your baby too. Remember breastmilk isn’t just nourishment it is also nurturing. ??Breastfeeding helps mothers and babies get to sleep faster, thank you oxytocin and cholecystokinin (CCK).? . . Co-sleeping, bed sharing, and the side lying breastfeeding position can all be very helpful to managing breastfeeding in the wee hours. Follow your instincts and do what works for you and your family. . How many times does your little one wake during the night?

Just Sharing Momshies
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