My boyfriend’s ex-wife is back, and pregnant

My boyfriend had separated from his ex-wife for 2 months when we met. After dating him for 5 months, he found out that his ex-wife is pregnant with his child. It didn’t end our relationship and because I love him, I let him be a father to his child. Now, the baby is 3 months old and my boyfriend has been spending more time with them. I think he’s falling back in love with his ex but every time I ask him, he would say he’s only there for their child. Should I trust him or should I just end our relationship and save myself from getting hurt?

My boyfriend’s ex-wife is back, and pregnant
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I would end it. Now maybe u are still fine with him meeting up with them. But as time passes, you will feel imbalance n maybe leading to more quarrels, more suspicions. Quite an unhealthy relationship

Better to end :) less complex relationship next time when you are married to him and have your own kids. After-all, he will still have to be responsible for his ex wife and child.

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I know you love him, but his heart will never be wholly yours. End this relationship and find someone who will truly only love you. Then protect that relationship fiercely. ❤️

I think you need to have a good talk with him. Sounds like a tough situation though. Also, have to ask yourself an honest question, do you trust what he says.


So after 7 months his ex wife is pregnant with his child? Something doesn't add up unless the wife was already 8 months pregnant when she told him about it.

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If u r not get married yet, better to look for single partner than like this, as u r already experienced.. so just think before do , tc

This is complicated. End it. A relationship shld be 2 ppl. This one too many parties. Kids involve. He is the child father

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It is natural for him to get attached to his child. But if he is still loving towards you. Mayb you thinking too much

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If I were you I will choose to end the relationship. This relationship involves too many parties and is complicated.

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I think both of you should talk about it seriously. If the love is no longer there then best to end it. Take care!