My boy is coming 8 weeks old. When to stop wearing mittens and booties ?

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8 weeks old is fine to be off mitten provided u trim his nails. It is also good for his finger movement which is to train hid motor skills. Can start training hin to hold things and feel things too.

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Now. 6 wks can remove for them to start exploring their hands and feet. When go those air con place then I will wear for him again

I stopped mittens at 3mo but still on booties/socks due to sleeping in aircon. for catch cold, it starts from their feets.

I let baby wear when sleeping only. Otherwise I remove. But must cut nails. You don't want them to scratch themselves.

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i stopped wearing mittens once their full month is over, i will continue to let them wear booties instead

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In the day I let him explore and feel the things ard him. When he is asleep I will put on his mittens.

i continued letting my son wear them up till 3mths, mainly becos he always scratches himself.

My stopped wearing the day we were discharged.