When to remove LO mittens and booties? My lo is 2 months going to 3 months still wearing both.

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Removed after 6th weeks old. Develop their motor skills too. I just leave my LO to scratch her face. They are smart, few days later, LO will use her back of her hands to rub her face. At times they will still scratch but not so bad

I removed at 3 months old. No right or wrong. I'd say totally up to you. Otherwise let baby wear when sleeping. And when baby is awake remove them.

By third month I removed them. Make sure you cut their nails frequently. Give them an oBall to practice their grasping and motor skills. Have fun!!

I didn’t let my LO wear mittens after week 6. Which is 1 mth. Cos have to train him on his hand motor skills. For booties is until 4 mths

By right 6 wks suppose to remove so that baby can explore and know his hands and fingers etc --- according to the prenatal workshops

i continued letting my son wear them up till 3mths, mainly becos he always scratches himself.

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When your lo starts to suck his or her fingers. You will need to cut or trim nails regularly

I remove during 2 months ..by right 6 weeks can remove the mitten already

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When u cut their nails. Mittens is to protect themselves from scratching

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Removed at 3mth but LO still wearing socks now (4mths plus)