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Hello mummies.. When is the best time to remove your LO’s mittens & booties? My LO is 6 weeks old and is always clenching her fists. Not sure if it’s now best to remove her mittens during the day? But am afraid she will scratch her face as her nails are pretty sharp even after trimming. Your thoughts pls? TIA.

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I remove mine at around 6weeks but my MIL kept nagging nonstop. So I extended 2 more weeks. By week 8 she is not wearing it anymore. It is very common for newborn to scratch themselves as they have little control over their hands. However, there is a reflex for eye to blink when the hand gets near the face so there is no need to worry about hurting the cornea. For me, I just feel that babies need to feel and explore with their fingers. It is part of their development process. Just remember to file her nails everyday to keep them blunt.

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Face scratching is common and normal so I personally don't think it's a big deal. The scratches are very shallow, heal quickly and don't leave any permanent mark. It's more important to let them explore and develop their motor skills. So I'd say get rid of the mittens as soon as you feel comfortable. Cut and file their nails once or twice a week. Booties should be fine though!

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My LO is 2.5mth, i still putting on mitten for her. On n off will remove the mitten for her to play n sucking on her fist with supervision.. cos i worried she might scratch her face..

Hi, I would recommend, remove it for sometime in a day, so that the child can relax, feel free and play and then put back on for his safety :)

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Thanks Anu... :)

Mine from 3 months onwards but I guess you can just try it out? Remove it under your supervision :) if you're worried

Let them wear until they figure out how to take out by themselves.. wouldnt want to see scratches on their faces..

I think it really depends..I remove around 8 weeks

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I think by 3 + mths shld be ok

From 3 months old onwards

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2 - 3 mths