My baby boy is now almost 3 months. He is not wearing mittens since the 2nd month. When should i let him stop wearing the booties?

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My friends either didn't put on mittens for their babies, or stopped after four to six weeks. Same for booties. They usually only put booties on when they bring their babies out or if baby is sleeping in an air conditioned room.

Stopping at 2months is fine. Babies are encouraged to explore their hands and feet. What you can do is out it on when baby is asleep. And when he is awake remove them. Hope this helps :)

Hi, if u swaddle the baby then its not necessary to use mittens and botties. Or when their nails can be trimmed it is also not required to wear mittens usually around 6 weeks old.

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Carry on with the booties as their feet are still quite small and not filled with baby fats. They will get cold easily.

If your baby has no access to direct floor or other places containing dust, it's ok to stop making them wear mittens.

i continued letting my son wear them up till 3mths, mainly becos he always scratches himself.

I didn't let mine wear both mittens n booties the day we were discharge from hosp

Can remove if not in air con room and not in direct contact w the tiles floor

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I think by 4 months booties cant fit in LO feet anymore. Then change to socks

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I have the old mindset that if baby dun wear socks to keep warm , they will catch cold easily. Maybe 1 year old then stop?

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My kids didnt wear booties. Keep in droping. But they r swaddles