When to stop Mittens

When to stop wearing mittens for your baby? Any advice..

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Just something that isn’t a known fact: When babies aren’t wearing their mittens they actually massage your breasts when breastfeeding like how kittens do when they drink from the mama - this is to stimulate a let down during nursing :) So mamas who are breastfeeding... 😉

2 months. So they can start grabbing things. I only let baby wear when sleeping. If baby awake, I don’t let her wear

Just stopped at 2 months :) Just make sure baby's nails are short and filed to prevent scratching

I stopped at 2 months and kept the nails short by filling weekly (I try😅)

To be very safe stop baby for wearing mittens when baby turn 5 months old


2.5-3. when your baby is trying to grap things around him/her.

maximum after 3 months, and do rmb to trim baby nails often

I stopped at 2 months.. Just keep filling baby nails.. 😊

we stopped after 1 month. she hates it

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My baby never wore mittens 😂