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My boy is 8 and half month old now, and he has been on breastmilk for now. I have tried normal formula milk (Friso Gold) on him when he was 6 months old because I want to stop breastfeeding and switch him on formula, but after he has taken approx. 30ml, he couldn’t take it and vomited all out including the previous feedings. I have tried him again at his age of 7 months, the same thing happened again. I took him to hospital and check results showed he is allergy. So I had to continue with breastfeeding. Now my milk production reduced and it can no longer be sufficient for him. Some friends suggested me to try lactose-free milk, so is there any advise for me?

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Is he allergy to cow milk only? Suggest go poly then refer to specialist They will do a prick test, so you will know what he’s allergy also. The doc will advise you which type of milk can give lo Eg soy milk and goat milk sample to test.

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Thank you, really helpful

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If he has proven cow’s milk allergy, he can try soy based formula. Go to websites from all the major brands and request for samples to try if you’re not sure which one will be best for your boy.

Can try soy milk instead of cow milk. Soy milk more gentle on the stomach. Or try nan HA.

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Can also explore nan. Heard thats closer to bm taste

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How about soy milk from similac?

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