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My 9 months old LO has serious allergy to cow's milk protein & goat's milk . Allergy test results show that he is ok with soy. He has been on breastmilk until now but I need to start to give him Soy based formula due to dip of bm supply. Any good soy based formula I can give him?

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Hello! I was in the same situation as you! Ive tried many brands, but personally i feel that Dumex Soy Based is good cause my boy takes it well, though he still rejects it at times as he is still on bm, but its by far the best possibility he would drink it 🤣

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Hi, my little one keeps having diaper rash. Was that a sign you experienced with your little one?

Hi, my little one keeps having diaper rash despite proper care. I was wondering if it is a sign of cow’s milk allergy. Wondering if this was a sign your little one experienced?

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I suggest you go to popular infant formula brands website and request for Soy based infant formula samples. Let your LO try and select the brand that he prefers

I’m using isomil for my baby girl

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Isomil for soy