Before we got married, my husband would bring home his ex gf's child (he claim that its not his child) in the beginning I was okay with it even though I do not like it I felt that there should be a line drawn. After we got married because I am pregnant, whenever he brings her back Ill cry over it I cant get pass it and its causing me emotional stress. To the extent I do not want him and his family to come close to my baby because I felt they are selfish and constantly hurting me during this period. They would tell me after they decides to bring the child back. What do you guys think?

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My husband is no longer in contact with his ex gf. Whenever he wants to visit, he will call the child's grandma. Sometimes grandma will call my in-laws and ask if they can help to take care of the child. My husband say he pity the child bcos her father is in jail her mother doesnt really care abt the child let grandma take care. So basically our home is the child happy place. I just want a normal life, why cant he move on? Esp during this period and our baby is coming in 2 months

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I feel you and hope for the best for you. What I can think of is try to talk to your husband, tell him honestly how you feel. If he could care so much of other people’s child that he claims not his, he definitely care you more as you are his closest person on earth. It’s unusual, don’t let outsider makes your relationship with husband ruin. Good luck!

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It is very odd that your husband will bring ex gf's child home. If I were in your shoe I will definitely not like it too and will not allow him to do the second time. I will not like him to visit the child at his ex gf's house too. Since he is already a married man, he needs to draw the line very clear and should not have any close connection with his ex anymore. This is just my opinion. Talk to him how you feel.

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Gosh I understand how you feel. My husband dotes a lot on his toddler niece and certain things he does really makes me very jealous, he also said the same thing “why get jealous over a kid”.......but they just don’t get it right? Hope you have a good and calm talk with him and make him understand that you and baby need his dedicated attention, care and love.

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Boundaries need to be created. There is a reason why it is called ex-Girlfriend. It is in the past and should not be brought to the present. Put your foot down as this will snowball into major unpleasant incidents later on. It is Also not normal for your husband to be close to the ex kid. He should be considerate of you specially you are pregnant

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Yeah I tried talking to him he told me not to get jealous bcos of a kid. Its really not about jealousy. I told him before that I dont mind he goes and visit her (must inform me) but try not to bring her home. Still no use.

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Oh dearrrr, this sounds really complicated and it sounds to me it's his child:( Best to thrash things out ASAP and decide what's best for everyone.

He lie to u? Seems like his child. Talk to him. Divorce if cant live together. Take care of yourself and baby.

I think u should tell him how u feel because u are the wife now and he should respect u

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Have a good talk with your husband and let him know how you feel.

Get a divorce. He dosent respect u. More disaster to come.