Babywearing parents, help me choose between LennyLamb and Tula. I need the more breathable option, the one that can be useful for longer hours without giving me some backaches and the one that can be used for years (in terms of sizing).

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Tula has a bit of edge when it comes to wearability. According to some moms, they can use Tula for longer months because it doesn't get outgrown easily. Most moms also get the "sweet spot" from Tula compared to LennyLamb. As for the breathability, ordinary LennyLamb is better than Tula. Tula now has its mesh option, Tula Coast. It's more breathable compared to ordinary Tulas and even better than LennyLamb, I think.

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I would go for Tula. They have this new line called Tula Coast. A part of its panel is made of mesh so you can be assured that it's breathable. Although, I gotta warn you. It's always out of stock whenever I check their website. You can check local dealers, though, like CEO Emporium, etc.

Not actually a fan of baby carriers but I found this blog online: It summarizes the qualities of both brands, comparing and contrasting it with each other. Hope this helps! :)

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