As a father of one (soon to be two) I'm looking to learn a little bit more about finances and fiscal responsibility. Does anyone know of any courses, classes, or workshops here in Manila that can help me gain some more insight?

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Read on a lot of tips in They have several sections specifically for fiscal matter. Personally, I think you don't really need to spend on classes and workshops. Lots of things are free online, so you may want to take advantage of it. You can also check Peso Sense on Facebook. It's a pretty entertaining page for me.

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Recently attended a short seminar by FQMom on kids having a high FQ (Financial Quotient). Found her tips to be very practical and doable. Hopefully she has seminars for family finances in the near future.

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I've attended a seminar with Chinkee Tan about finance. You can check his website: He also sells books and conducts seminars. He also sells this tool called Money Kit to help you manage your finances.