Baby not eating solid well

Hi mummies, my baby is 1yo but she is still not eating solid well. What can I do to make her willing to eat? I started tw when she was 6mo. At about 8-9mo, she started to reject being spoon fed. Totally not willing to open her mouth at all so i convert to blw. But until now, she is only willing to eat biscuits and corn. She will throw all other food that i offer on the floor. How can i stop her from throwing the food? Tried telling her not to throw but it seems useless. Any baby like that also? How to make her to be interested in eating new food? My mil keep telling me that other babies can finish big bowl of porridge by 1yo but mine is still not eating and keep blaming me that i let my baby “play food” so now she dont want to eat..... is it really my fault? 😢 #advicepls

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I would give her an array of baby food in cute Chinese soup spoon and make it a fun game for her. Let her try all the various flavours and see what she likes. My daughter ended up really loving banana purée and papaya purée and oddly enough roti!