Baby mitten

Does your LO get scared or jumpy when you remove their mittens? It seems like my LO is uncomfortable and uneasy when we remove his mittens and unable to calm him (he has been wearing it since birth (6weeks old now)) How do I help him ease into not wearing?

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my LO is still wearing mittens (10 weeks old) as she always likes to rub her eyes, seems dangerous to me😂 so i dare not remove her mittens yet.

9mo ago

Sameee but Infant care don’t encourage mittens so I’m trying to let my LO get used to not having mittens but it seems like without mitten he cannot sleep peacefully

I use the adjustable by tying the strings type of mittens, so far so good. It’s mesh so it airy too.

9mo ago

Oh oh true. We use the cloth ones and he always end up with stuffy palms

Mine will find the mittens elsewhr coz she will make them come out 🫣


for my kidz, tougher to keep them on