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When is the best to stop using mittens? Is it too late to stop wearing it at 2 months old? His nails is long and super hard to trim without him moving around or the feeling that i might hurt him 😅 tia mummies!

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I stopped within the first few days because my LO just wouldn’t keep them on. Lol. Cut her nails on the 2nd day of life too because she was born with sharp claws and scratched her face before we knew it. Haha.

My 2 months baby still wear mitten as she likes to touch her face... Tried taking it off for a few hours and notice some scratches on her face.. her nails are still sharp even after trimming nail.. 😅

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We stopped ard 2 mths also.. u cn try using baby nail trimmer like Lollababy.. its safe n wont cut them even whn they move.. bt for us the best time to do it is when they’re asleep

Our baby 5 months old still wearing Mittens. Because she like to scratch her face & rub eyes, so we keep Mittens on as a safety precaution.

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I personally feel 2 months is fine. Best not after 3 months cos it should be time baby explore and realise his or her own hands 😊


It depend on individual baby. Must see if baby nails had harden or still soft.

i started to gradually stop from 1 month onwards

it depends on individual..u know your baby best

There’s not time frame to stop using.

Stop after 1 mth