Hungry hungry hungry

My baby boy gets hungry easily. He’s only 1 month old. Is it normal ?

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It's normal for baby boy to keep feeling hungry at this age. My baby boy was eating hourly when he was one month old. Partially due to gassy stomach. Feed on demand but don't overfed coz it's dangerous

Yes, cos he has a very small stomach so he needs to constantly fill his tummy as each feeding is only very little and it gets digested fast.

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How much u r feeding him .. or ally they drink 60 to 90 ml for every 2hrs

Very normal. You should breastfeed your baby each 2 or 3 hours

Hungry easily meaning keeps demands for milk every hr? Bf or fm?

4y ago

Is normal, my girl takes ebm in the day n fm at night, she drinks every 1.5-2hrs, sometimes earlier or later. As long she doesnt vomit it is OK. They will stop and reject once full

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Yes:) growth spurts happen a lot at first.

Probably normal due to growth spurts

Yes, it's definitely normal

Normal. They're growing

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yes i guess its normal