Hi! My baby boy is abt 1 mth old and recently for the past one week...despite feeding him 80ml of formula milk every 2 hrs he still feel very hungry and cry alot.we then up the amt to 90ml currently but the problem still remain.3 weeks ago,his weights is 2.5kg but now not sure. Anyone has any advice or solution? We just can't figure out why he is always not having enough.?

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Hi does he cry throughout the day because he is hungry or only in evening or at night. Newborns tend to cry more in evening and they also tend to cluster feed in evening in preparation for longer hours of sleep at night. My gal used to have a mini buffet at night around 9pm, she will drink 65ml then drink again one hour later and an hour later. It went on for two to three weeks. However your baby could also be crying due to tummy discomfort like gas. Apply Ruyi oil during diaper changes and if necessary you may want to try rid wind drops in his milk. Newborns tend to cry a lot and some babies are fussier. Maybe you all haven't picked up his cues and habits yet so take it easy and hang in there.

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It could growth spurt! Hang on if you are breastfeeding. Baby might even be drinking every hourly. http://www.babycentre.co.uk/a25012757/baby-growth-spurts

hi! could be growth spurt! usually babies will drink a lot a lot a lot a lot of milk before their growth spurt hit. can Google more about growth spurt. (:

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Sometimes might be discomfort in tummy. or wet diapers ? Do check and also do take note baby milk intake will also increase when they grow older .

Actually 1 mth old 2.5kg is consider very light isn't it?

5y ago

3 wks ago....so it's at 1 wk weight