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hi mums. my lo is about 3 months and 7 days. usually he drinks 120ml every 3-3.5 hour. recently we realised that he spits up more often. we reduced to 90ml every 3 hours and no more spit up. question is, is it sufficient or am i under feeding him? once a while we tried to give 120ml, he can finish but seldom. but 90ml every 3 hours he will finish. last we checked his weight was about 5.3kg when he was 2 months old. i know about the formula calculation thing. he will drink less than 700ml per day. pee and poop is fine thought but i'm worried if i'm under feeding him and if it's not enough :(

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hi Mummy, what e recommending volume of e formula that you’re giving? As different brands different calculation.. And different baby intake different as well so might be have to follow e instruction as long his weight is at e correct growing size.. It more sound like your son is more to 90ml every 3 hrs and if you going to feed him with 120ml he might be over fed.. You can try to increase +10ml every/2 weeks see if it will slowly help to build up his appetite.. This is what I did for my girl..

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Hi mommy! My baby is 7 1/2mths and she drinks 80-100ml every 3hrs. Even less when she was smaller and didn’t even start with solid food. Definitely not meeting the calculation guideline but she has grown to be a cute bambam and very active too. Every baby is different and most babies would take only what they need. As long as baby is peeing and pooping well, shouldn’t worry too much.

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my baby is 3 months 22 days old. her intake sometimes is 50ml & she only sleep drink. she refused the bottle when awake. sometimes she drink 500+ per day. I asked my friends some of their baby drink about 350+, 400+ per day. and they are 3 years old already. grew up fine. yours is more than ok. don't worry

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8mo ago

I mean they also drink about 350ml+ & 400ml + when they are 3 months plus. they are now 3 years old already and grew up fine.