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I've a 1 month + baby, he's always pooping after feeding and will demand for milk again aft that instead of waiting for 2 hrs (as if he's still hungry even after feeding) . Is it because the milk is not suitable for him? Ps, his poop is normal and he doesn't cry in pain or show any discomfort. I am worried as he poops every after feeding more than 7 times per day.

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Don't worry mummy! Their tummies are small so they get full and hungry very easily. My boy was like this too and back then I feed on demand. Are you breastfeeding or feeding formula? If breastfeeding, you can consider feeding on demand. It will help with your supply too especially if you're direct latching. While I'm not too sure about formula feeding as my boy rejects them completely, so maybe other mummies can help with that part :)

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For new born baby it is normal and feed him for every 2hours


it's normal. my baby always poo when she drinks.

it's normal!