My baby is 3 months old and likes to babble a lot - when I speak to her she seems to be having her a conversation with me. Are we actually talking? Does she understand anything I am saying?

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I think your baby has discovered her voice and is experimenting with it! Though I don't think she can comprehend what you are saying at such a young age, she is likely able to recognize your voice. Just continue "chatting" and singing with her. She sounds like a joy to be be. Also, if she has not started laughing.. I've read that this is the period where you may hear her first laughter. Laughing is also one way that a baby learns about his/her own voice. Enjoy!! :)

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She loves your voice and enjoying the way your expression, tone and pitch. My boy just turned 3 months... i can totally relate it. He will also babble sounds and give a loud scream when he is excited. You can read and sing to her, teach her simple sign language by grabbing her hands to do words such as Milk, Please, Thank You, More, Mother, Father, etc. These will help her to sign back her request in time to come. Enjoy!

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That's adorable! I don't think she understands word for word what you're saying but she's definitely grasping the concept of communicating and bonding with her mommy. Hearing mommy's voice soothes her and she's probably entertained by the interaction :) She's also stimulated by your company and her babbling is her way of responding and acknowledging your presence.

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continue it this way! Just reply her as though u understand what she is talking! but answer her in proper words and sentences. This way she can also learn!

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yeah.. my baby also talkative.. shes 3 month.. but recently shes being quiet.. is ot something wrong or normal..?? i've been wondering is it something to do with her hearing or else.. huhu

That's baby way of talking to you. it's their way of expressing and communication. It's too adorable.

yes! they actually do understand!