my baby turned 9 months and I have noticed that before she always needs breastfeed to sleep but now when I make her sleep beside me and tell her story she closely hear's that. is it she is trying to understand what I'm saying or she want to sleep by hearing what I'm saying?

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keep talking. shes absorbing each word and building up her vocabulary of words. try different language if u know. by the time she's 3 she will speak fluently any language u have spoken to her. speech is like therapy and it comforts the child just like food comforts us adults. when u speak, the child doesn't just hear the words, she also feels the emotion behind it along with the nature of your tone, the respect and love u show and the fact that u r giving her that time and attention. so don't think that she doesn't understand. each word is well understood and registered in her mind. so read books, encyclopedia, poems, ghazals etc...our brain is naturally creative but we force it to think linear...rote learning, parroting etc. this is the perfect age to enhance her creativeness. so expose her to good instrumental music and dance with her. you will be thanked by her and all with u for this....

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welcome....always happy to be of help