My child likes to pretend to bark like a dog when we are out in public

She doesn’t speak - just barks and bowls like a dog to every question I ask her. She’s 35 months old and says that she is not a baby or a human child but a dog. She is able to speak English fluently except for this recent I am a dog episode. :(

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If she knows how to speak properly and has recently started barking I would not be worried. She’s probably trying to push your buttons, and every time u show you’re exasperated you are giving her the ammunition to do it for longer. My suggestion is to laugh it off and once she realises that it no longer annoys you, she will probably stop

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Imagine all that energy and creativity. Let her be and she will grow tired of it. I believe that we are looking at a smart child here. Don’t worry about it.:)

hmm, did you recently exposed her to some "doggy" shows or videos like Puppy Dog :p