3-month-old Behind On Milestones

Hi all, my baby is 3 months old (2 months old corrected since she was 4 weeks premature). Right now I feel like she's behind on many milestones even for a 2 month old. She can hardly lift her head at all during tummy time, doesn't notice her hands or do anything with her hands, doesn't really focus on me when I'm talking to her (sometimes she does but usually doesn't) and very rarely smiles. Is that a problem? What can I do to help her catch up? Should she see a doctor?
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When my son when for his 3rd mth check, he couldnt hold his head, stand and doesnt respond to bell sound. I was told by the doctor to give him more tummy time and try to play with him using toys that
As per the checklist function - when to call your doctor about the milestones.
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Hi. Don’t worry. I had a premature baby too. He slept a lot during the first few months and we’re slower to react. He has a lot of catching up; physical and emotional. Now, he’s an intelligent and tal