Babies get sick easily. This is a fact. My baby had viral fever but fever has stopped since weekends. Flu n cough is still there. These 2 symptoms need time to recover. Went for doctor review ytd n doc allowed me to put baby back in ifc. Brought baby back to ifc today. They asked if he has recovered. I said fever no more already but flu n cough still hv and doc said ok for me to bring him back. Of cos flu n cough can spread to other kids but parents still need to work. If sick den we cannot put in ifc, den we apply for ifc for wad! If serious illness i understand but common flu n cough is always there for all babies! It is not like we hack care of other infant's health? I even called e ifc to inform abt my boy's sickness last week and we didnt send him in until his fever has fully recovered. If oni i hv a choice to stop working?! Even if parents bring their child for playdates, they may get all these sickness or hfmd from them. It is not possible to totally prevent such things to happen!

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Ya is like that. All are kiasu. If not you can try put down your job as baby health is more important or find alternative hire a nanny or request help from parents to look after.

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totally understand how you feel! We cannot be forever ensuring them 100% sickness clear. If like this, we might as well don't work.

take a chill pill dear, i know how it's like. can be soooooooooo frustrating