Does your spouse have quirks or habits that annoy you? How do you deal with it? Do you talk to them about it?

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Mine loves to leave the dirty dishes sitting in the sink till before bedtime; only then will he wash them. I always offer to wash them right the meal but he insists on doing it since I was the one who cooked. I don't get why he can't just wash them automatically or let me do it. If he is busy, I can do the washing but most of the time, he isn't but I offer anyways -- but NOPE, apparently, he rather let the dishes fester in the sink till before we go to bed. A logic that I can't fathom till now. Haha.

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Mine hates to ask others for help. For example, if we grocery shopping and knows exactly what we wanted but can't find it, he refuses to ask the sales person (not wanting to trouble others). Or, when we are traveling, he is reluctant to ask the concierge for tips on what's good in the area and prefers to "google/yelp/travel advisor" everything ourselves. Silly quirk of his. Always nagged at him and he seemed to have improved slightly. lol..

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Hey, My husband sulks a lot. On every little thing, he starts sulking. And it is such a pain to each time cajole him and persuade him. I hope, one day, he will stop sulking and I can throw all the tantrums and he would be the one to cajole me. ;)

Mine loves to leave his laundry on top of the laundry basket instead of putting it in. I just laugh at him and deal with it because I am very aware that I have 109 way more annoying habits that he just deals with without complaining.

My wife loves to annoy me in every situation, She will try to tease me or call me names in every possible situation. though I still love her and It will not stop me from loving her even it annoys the hell out of me.

I try to ignore and focus on the good he has done. It hard to fight off ill thoughts when you are very angry. Habouring such thoughts is harmful.

Hi Bianca, Yes, my spouse loves to smoke. It really annoying. Tried to talk to him to quit, but this is so not happenning.

My spouse hates to ask for directions when we're on the road even if we can't find our way anymore. Thanks to GPS!

My husband drinks a lot during the parties and then acts really silly. It really pisses me off.

He has a lot of tantrum & ego. 😓 I just ignore him sometimes to let him cool down.