Baby pillow

Anyone use this for newborn pillow to prevent flat head syndrome?

Baby pillow
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My mum bought the zebra pillow with hole for all her grandchildren but all still develop some kind of flathead 😂 Probably cuz we parents not consistent enough in changing babies’ head positions through the night. Somehow as they grow older and have more movements during sleep, their heads “reshape” back to normal, though still not perfect round. My cousin’s daughter sleep in yaolan from birth, got the best head shape.

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I think better would be not use the Pillow for newborn. You can take the advise of your PD as well if this pillow can be used.

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Better not use any pillow for newborn. Just give em tummy time to prevent flat head syndrome

I have this too but didnt really like it. Prefer little zebra brand.


I bought this for my boy but don't seems like useful

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my boy till now 14 months still doesnt uses pillow

No, not supposed to use pillow for newborns

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I use this when my boy is few months old

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My PD said no pillow for below 3 mo.

Yes used this brand since born