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Hi mummys! I'm getting pillow for my NB baby. Does any one have any recommendation for nb baby pillow that can prevent the flat head?

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No need to have pillows for NB. just fold the swaddle for the baby to make it like pillow for support

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Not necessary to get a pillow for now. If you must you can go to Kiddy Palace etc...

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No need pillow. Each time turn baby sleep side ways. Learnt it from nanny !:)

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There is another way to prevent flat head too. Use swing cot

i read articles saying best not to have pillows till 1yo

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Actually they do not need pillow. Not recommended

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Just fold swaddle to form pillow for NB

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NB don't need pillows ☺️

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You can google dimple pillow

NB don't need pillow