Anti flat head pillow for newborns

Hi mummies/experts, need your advise and suggestion. Is it advisable to get this pillow to prevent flat head for newborns?

Anti flat head pillow for newborns
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no need... seriously my baby head is nice when she was small. but when she turns bigger.. she doesn't like pillow... so turn to quite flat head after 4 months old..

No need we just reposition the head when baby was younger, but as she grew older she can do it herself.

My son and 2 nieces used mimos pillow and it really corrected their flat head. It is a medical pillow.

I prefer to use donut pillow with deeper hole.. this one a bit hard I feel which will cause flat head

I feel its useless, bought this for my NB but still develop flat head so dun waste money on this.

just use normal baby pillow with hole will do.. no need to waste money on this crap

I only use for re-positioning of my bb head while he sleep on the stroller

I never use any pillow for my child until 1 year old .

it's useful for my son. he sleep well too

I actually use a newborn donut pillow instead