Booster shots

Anyone here took the booster shots already. Im invited for the booster shot because im an essential worker. But currently im almost gg 20 weeks pregnant. Im not sure if it’s safe or not. Im considering of taking it, buy im afraid if there’s a side effect.

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consult you gynae. i waited to see my gynae for her go ahead before i proceeded with my booster. i didnt have any side effects, taken during my 15th week


I took my booster shot when I’m 12 weeks bcs my gynae reccomend it.So far no side effect for me just sore arm for a day. Now im 20 weeks

i asked my gynae and she strongly encouraged me to take the booster. i took my booster at 12-13 weeks. now im at 18 weeks. so far, okay.

I took my booster jap during my 31st week. No fever, only sore arm. Baby still kicking actively 👍🏻

Took mine at week 16. Only itching at injection site.. no fever nothing. Dr says can take from week 12.

I took my booster shot at 20 weeks! And I had no side effects beside a sore arm

i had my booster on 20feb now I'm 23 week 4days pregnant plus positive COVID-19

and i didnt do blood test. not sure how accurate these tests are.

pls consult your gynae, they should know better.

i took around the same time. was ok. hcw.