Covid + when pregnant?

Hi mommies, anyone got Covid + when pregnant? I took my booster one day before and found out I am positive after taking PCR the next day because of the booster symptoms.. Im 20 weeks preggy.. :(

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I had covid at 4-5 months, and then had covid again at 33 weeks. Both of it was PCR positive but no much monitoring needed by MOH, so I just isolate myself at home like any other covid patients. The symptoms was all the same and was told that nothing to be worried about the baby🙄. I had check up with my gynae after i recovered & was told one of the side effects getting covid while pregnant was that the growth of the baby might be slow, very low chance lah but currently 35 weeks pregnant & so far the baby are growing well & healthy.

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had covid 2 weeks ago when i am at 28weeks. rest and hydrate well. i seen doctor through teleconsult and got medicine to help me through the sorethroat. but after recovering i am currently feeling breathless easily even when seated. not sure is it a covid effect or because baby is growing bigger. all the best and hope you recover soon!

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Didn't get my booster s*** and was covid positive at 35 weeks, a few days short of week 36. Recovered at home as per GP's advice but I think the recovery period is longer than for normal people 😕drink more water and rest well!

Me. I found out when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I got it on my way back from Paris. However I recovered though in about 3 weeks. I hope it’s ur second or third booster at least !!

me..23 week 4days pregnant positive COVID-19 and had my booster on 20feb.take care rest well drink plenty of water