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Currently about 13 weeks, can I get my booster shot now? Asked 2 different gynae, both gave me different answers.. im not sure if I should get it now or later 😅

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I took mine at 13 wks (pfizer). Only sore arms and body aches which lasted 2 days. No fever. I had my dr appt a few days later and baby was ok! Highly recommended for mummies to take booster shot now since cases are increasing everyday. I feel safer going out. Don’t worry it’s safe for mummy and the baby :)

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I understand your concerns! Sharing my experience, I took mine at 28 weeks. Took Pfizer since it’s milder and approved for kids, so thought will be better for baby. So far baby is ok! Hopefully this will provide baby some antibodies for protection too.

My gynae also advice for me to take my booster shot when it’s made available, she said it’ll have antibodies to protect baby too. I took mine at 27 weeks and didn’t have much side effects other than a sore arm and a very slight headache. :)

i was actually adviced by my gynae to take the booster shot. she assured me that it is safe for pregnant woman to get it and it keeps baby safe as well .

I took mine on week 13. Side effects were mild headache and sore arm. Recovered within 2 days 😉

Haha what about trusting your own instinct? Or wait a while more if you are unsure?