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Hi mummies ! What if i decide to take the booster shot after giving birth, is it okay? gynae said its okay(safe) to proceed. But i heard stories.. so im really nt sure if i can do it after giving birth as we are given a time frame to do the booster shot now.. :/#advicepls #pleasehelp

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It should be safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding! I had mine at 34 weeks of pregnancy, and am totally fine. In fact I had the first two doses during this pregnancy as well. And my obgyn did mention that baby might get some of the antibodies as well so she might get some protection too. What stories did you hear that are making you concerned about taking the booster after birth?

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12mo ago

Heard from a close relative that a friend of hers had still birth just right after getting the booster shot and just get to know the gender of baby, it all lies in God's hands for sure. it may not be because of the booster..but ofc it makes me think alot 😅😅

I took mine yesterday at 28 weeks for pfizer. I’m just worried about the rising cases and also my trace together vaccination status will expire soon. So far im only having sore arms as a side effect. Baby is fine! Don’t worry too much mummy! Many of the pregnant mothers around me took theirs too with minimal side effects. Goodluck!

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Hi. I took booster shot when i was in 30 weeks. I took pfizer and i just felt sore arm & tired for whole day. Its nothing w the baby dont worry. I suggest you , you can take now bc its safe no worries. If you wait after giving birth, i dont think your tracetogether is "fully vacinated"

I took mine in week 5. My gynae encourages me to take the 4th shot (if there is one) before delivery if possible. He said to pass as much antibodies to the baby as I can! 😊

I took my booster at 27 weeks. Just sore arms and a slight headache that was manageable. No Panadol required. Took moderna.